Network Performance Management

Intelligent end-user insight makes reactive, unfocused troubleshooting a thing of the past.

Understanding network and application performance through the eyes of your users saves time and money and ensures you are focused on the right course of action.

Network traffic always tells a story, but only when provided in context of user experience can it reveal the full narrative. In the past, analyzing large volumes of packet data was a daunting process. However, with the evolution of network monitoring tools, that reliable user-based intelligence can now be leveraged in a way that is simple and actionable.

Next-generation network monitoring intelligence aggregates packet data using adaptive machine learning to output easy-to-understand performance scores to provide an accurate picture of your network through the eyes of your users. It even guides you to isolate problem areas.

Get proactive alerts and clear user experience scores when issues are detected. Drill down to the packet level and pinpoint the precise root cause to fix it fast - before the business is impacted or you are flooded by user complaints.

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