Salus K12 EMS

School Emergency Response Management System

When Every Second Counts, Mass Notifications Alone Are Not Enough

Salus K12 Provides Complete Event Response Control

Salus K12 Provides Complete Event Response Control

The best possible outcome for students and staff when faced with a major event like extreme weather or an active shooter requires a comprehensive event response. A flurry of text messages from an offsite cloud EMS is not enough, an effective event response must include coordinated PA communications, door and light controls, and more. You can count on Salus K12 from the global-industry leader in integrated Emergency Alert Systems to ensure that your pre-loaded emergency response plan is flawlessly executed quickly and correctly in all situations, minimizing chaos and saving lives.

Comprehensive Coordinated Response

An effective event response requires many discrete actions which must be executed flawlessly by multiple different people, all while under duress. Salus automates many of these actions removing the human element while allowing immediate parallel action execution.

  • Integrated onsite hardware enables total response control
  • Single click triggers complete response process
  • Coordinate notification with alarm bells, door locks, etc
Comprehensive Coordinated Response

Reliable, Effective Communications

Reliable, Effective Communications

While notifications alone are not enough, effective communications are still a critical component. Salus integrates with existing school infrastructure to ensure alarm bells are muted while pre-recorded PA announcement plays for example

  • Your calm prerecorded voice over existing PA reaches all onsite
  • Redundant PA, SMS, email, video messaging per group
  • Ensure effective response even when internet and power fail
  • Purpose built hardware serving >100 million people for 20+ years

Fastest When Seconds Count

Speed is of the essence In emergencies, with Salus a single panic button press or smartphone click can initiate the complete automated response plan execution. Gone are the delays inherent in getting the right people to the right places to complete their assigned tasks.

  • Activate from anywhere via multiple methods
  • Full response begins immediately upon activation
  • Enables parallel execution of response plan actions
  • Removes latency/download delays inherent with cloud solutions
Fastest WhenSeconds Count


Seconds Count In Emergency Situations

Don’t lose precious time running from place to place

Movement Often Dangerous or Impossible

Fire or building damage impair mobility
Shelter in place for active shooter

Salus Eliminates Need To Get Right Person in Right Place

Activate alert from anywhere, Salus takes it from there

Integrated Solution Manages Overall Event Response

Single box executes response plan building-wide

Over 100M People Trust VIAVI For Their Critical Emergency Alerts

Salus K12 is part of the VIAVI EASyCAP Emergency Alert System product family deployed by cable companies, IPTV providers, and radio and TV broadcasters for over 10 years. As a $1.1B company with an almost 100-year history, you can trust VIAVI to be there to support your emergency management needs now and into the future.

  • Flawless Response Plan Execution Every Time

    Automation of communication and facility control actions removes the need for people to all execute their tasks perfectly and at the right time while under duress. Using Salus for drills also enables building "muscle memory" response in students and staff. During real emergencies they will hear the exact same calm prerecorded PA messages and experience the same building conditions that they experienced during drills, enabling proper actions to be more reflex vs requiring thought during a stressful time.

  • Full Event Response Control Using Existing Infrastructure

    Automation of communication and facility control actions removes the need for people to all execute their tasks perfectly and at the right time while under duress. Replacing existing infrastructure to enable EMS compatibility is not an option financially for most school systems. Through our flexible input/output architecture, Salus removes this financial burden by integrating with the various systems already in place.

  • Clear & Timely Communications Tailored To Each Stakeholder Group

    When an emergency occurs at a school, the messages that you send to your staff are very different than the message that should go out to parents, as is the optimal time that they receive them. With Salus, school administrators can craft clear email and test messages specific to each of many stakeholder groups and when they are sent. A concise alert with a simple action statement could be sent to groups on-site immediately, and a notice to parents could be queued up with a 10-minute delay to allow first responders to arrive before concerned parents begin clogging school access roads. All these messages can also be tailored to each specific event type including active shooter, weather-related, external threat, etc.

  • Works Even When Power and Communications Are Cut

    Internet access is more and more being viewed as a critical utility much like electricity, but like electricity internet access can be lost during natural disasters or through malicious human acts. Through its integration with existing school infrastructure, Salus can continue to operate even when cellular service and internet access are lost. , PA announcements and video messages can continue, doors can continue to lock/unlock, your response plan execution can continue as long as the school's backup power source lasts.

  • Provides Secure Remote PA Access 24/7, Other Non-Emergency Benefits

    Salus provides significant non-emergency benefits to school administrators including:

    • Secure remote PA access– A Principal can address their school live over the PA system while attending a conference thousands of miles away by dialing into Salus and entering their PIN. No more driving to the school on vacation days just to make a critical PA announcement.
    • Routine announcements– Repetitive tasks like end of day announcements consume countless hours of staff time annually and force the speaker to be in the office at a set time every day. With Salus, these announcements can be recorded and programmed to play at a set time every day. Salus can even be a replacement for aging bell systems and provide greater flexibility.
    • Running effective drillsis critical to proper student and staff preparation but done right they can be time consuming. With Salus, drills can be as simple as a single click on a keyboard or mobile device followed by the automated execution of messaging and facility controls. Effectiveness is greatly improved as participants will hear the same calm prerecorded announcement for each event type as they would in a real emergency. Proper response from stakeholders will become muscle memory through the repeatable nature of Salus automated response plan execution.