CellAdvisor Training & Certification

Cell Site Technician Certification and Training featuring VIAVI CellAdvisor Instruments

Cell Site Technician Certification and Training featuring VIAVI CellAdvisor Instruments

VIAVI Cell Site Technician certification and training perfectly complements effective and efficient use of the  VIAVI CellAdvisor portfolio for cell site installation and maintenance.  Whether you’re new to the field, or an experienced RF professional, VIAVI hands-on training will provide you with in-depth insights and a clear advantage to complete jobs quickly and accurately.

Training and certification is conducted at locations across the United States. Enrollment is limited to allow each participant ample time to explore and use the instruments.  Classes are two full days in length and are taught by experienced instructors who can relate to the challenges technicians face in the field.  Thorough labs emulate real-life testing scenarios and provide essential experience to prepare students for challenges in the field.

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VIAVI CellAdvisor Cable and Antenna Sweep Technician Certification - Onsite

This 2-day technician certification program presents a detailed examination of the knowledge and skills required to effectively verify a cell site’s infrastructure including the antenna system, RF and fiber cables, and connectors. Participants will become familiar with the product, including how to navigate the GUI and menus.  Learn to characterize and certify cell site cable and antenna systems including proper fiber inspection and cleaning techniques. Learning is reinforced with hands-on exercises and the VCCAS exam, requiring successful completion in order to receive a VCCAS certificate.
Course Number: TT-JD720-VCCAS

Course Highlights
  • Understand network components and architecture, connectors and cable types, fiber losses and attenuation process
  • Navigate the product GUI and menus to configure for cable and antenna sweep testing
  • Perform the cable and antenna sweep testing process, including fiber optic connectivity/continuity tests: inspection and cleaning of all optical connections, optical power tests; reflection and distance-to-fault tests; RF power, cable loss, and return loss tests
  • Save and restore test configurations, using StrataSync and MobileTech App
  • Complete all hands-on exercises and written exam requirements to receive the VCCAS certification 

2 Day


United States


Taught in English, other languages available upon request

Type of Training Available

Onsite Classroom: Yes
Virtual Classroom: N/A
Online/Self-Paced: N/A