Customer Experience

Optimize QoE and Cost

It's well recognized that the ability to deliver the highest quality-of-experience is a competitive differentiator. Wireless service providers who can deliver measurable improvements in customer experience, in a financially-scalable fashion, will excel.

Through Visibility Comes Value

Customer experience, customer satisfaction and customer retention go hand-in-hand. To improve these outcomes, wireless operators have been investing in Customer Experience Management (CEM) intiatives for the past several years. Industry research shows that 40% of subscriber churn is directly attributed to the quality of service and ultimately--the underlying network performance.  Therefore, efforts to systematically and consistently optimize performance across the network ecosystem need to be top priority in order to reduce churn, improve customer lifetime value and profitabiliy.

VIAVI’s innovative assurance solutions deliver end-to-end visibility and real-time intelligence that allow you substantially improve QoS and QoE at the lowest total cost. The open-intelligence platform supports the transition to virtualized networks and makes data monetization easier, so you can improve service agility and profitability as you scale operations.

  • Case Study

    Case Study

    Proximus Network Gets Greener with Help from GEOoptimize

A Measurable Difference

VIAVI combines the openness to leverage all available data sources within a CSP’s network environment and the ability to feed third-party applications with real-time intelligence in a virtualization-ready, next-generation monitoring and assurance solution. This fundamentally different approach to assurance helps to proactively identify and resolve problems with the greatest impact to customer experience--in a fraction of the time of existing solutions. By breaking the data-growth cost curve, our solution offers substantial improvements in CSP CapEx/OpEx as well as scalability. Integrate and correlate data from any source to any application for more comprehensive intelligence, reduced OSS costs, and data monetization. You can facilitate the assurance of dynamic networks and services with virtualization-ready real-time intelligence that supports Business, Mobile and Residential services all from the same platform.

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