NITRO Mobility

Cloud-native Subscriber-centric Location Intelligence, Automated Assurance & Analytics, and Optimization

Manage complexity, maintain visibility, and enable automation while delighting customers and taking advantage of new revenue opportunities

Today’s mobile service providers face enormous pressures: the evolution to cloud, network automation, IoT, and 5G. Massive complexity. Massive traffic increases. With 5G, it’s no longer just about smartphones/mobiles anymore - it's about mobility of anything that is cellularly attached. All while facing ongoing CAPEX and OPEX reduction demands. VIAVI, leveraging our heritage of assisting service providers maintain visibility while managing technology change, introduces NITRO Mobility that meets these service provider challenges head-on.

Nitro VanillaPlus

NITRO Mobility, leveraging our heritage of assisting service providers manage technology change, is a subscriber-based automated assurance and analytics, location intelligence, and optimization solution built on NITRO, the industry’s first cloud-native, micro-services based real-time intelligence platform. NITRO Mobility is forged around key underlying VIAVI principles of:

Nitro Mobility Brand Principles

NITRO Mobility enables operators to extract value aligned with the operator’s investment for such visibility via an adaptable data model enabling:
Subsriber-centric automation of cell site verification, reducing deployment time and OPEX while increasing overall quality of subscriber experience.

Automated Site Verification

Subscriber-centric flexible and automated RF optimization of cell sites based on operator defined objectives saving OPEX and even CAPEX in energy consumption use cases:

Subscriber-centric Optimization Approach


Flexible sizing and deployment models enabling unique mobile network operator revenue expansion via such areas as automated service delivery and new vertical opportunites of Private LTE/5G, IoT, Edge, and more with a total cost of ownership aligned to the operator's use case

Enabling the 5G Verticals: The Network

Total Cost of Ownership

Evolve towards Automated Assurance with rapid issue identification and resolution in just a few clicks via NITRO Mobility guided automation workflows - solving issues with less manpower reducing OPEX

3D Coverage Analysis - Guided Automation Workflow
3D Coverage Analysis - Guided Automation Workflow

Integrate with 3rd party feeds to further advance enrichment of NITRO Mobility subscriber-centric network data and location intelligence
via Open APIs to enable operator business units with business process systems and to provide the analytics, reports, and location intelligence to enable operators with an array of additional revenue opportunities

VIAVI stands at the intersection of its rich heritage and innovation in location intelligence, assurance and analytics, and optimization solutions helping operators maintain visibility as they transition technology turns throughout the technology and network lifecycle. NITRO Mobility offers a technologically elegant solution to solve tough challenges such as the transition from LTE, to 5G Non-Standalone, to the service-based architecture of 5G Standalone today, and technology changes beyond.

Proximus is leveraging the NITRO GEO platform to plan and optimize our 2G, 3G and LTE networks. NITRO GEO has a strong reputation as a robust and reliable platform that will allow us to consolidate our solutions under one system and offer an exceptional customer experience.


VIAVI location intelligence enables us to harness key insights for a targeted, subscriber-centric approach to optimization, delivering the best possible customer experience. With the ability to optimize quality of experience for our most high-value subscribers, we can target network and service improvements to deliver maximum return with minimal investment.


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