Technology & Service Introduction

Innovate, Test, and Roll Out

The introduction of new technologies and services can deliver increased revenues and lower operational costs. This puts pressure on service providers to roll them out as quickly as possible, while maintaining high QoS and QoE.

Meeting Increased Demand

For service providers, innovation is the key to success. Exponentially increasing bandwidth and traffic growth drives technology deployments that challenge providers to proactively manage new services and ensure that they perform as expected. Accurate planning and thorough testing is key to balancing go-to-market objectives with service assurance.

To maintain performance levels, providers must deliver instant awareness of these new technologies as they are deployed, and quickly assess service and infrastructure health. This translates to a critical need for heightened visibility into the network.

Next-Generation Solutions

VIAVI’s technology and service introduction solutions enable providers to facilitate the rapid and successful deployment of technologies and services by helping to manage and optimize every stage of an initiative’s life cycle. The solution is designed to validate service readiness before deployment, to provide visibility and understanding of new service behavior, assess IT performance pre- and post- deployment, identify and resolve potential performance issues, and allow for continued optimization after the rollout.

Solutions support:

VIAVI offers instruments, coupled with systems-based solutions, that assess service performance from the perspective of end-customer QoE and provide meaningful and actionable troubleshooting guidance. VIAVI instruments provide innovative test and analysis with simplicity and speed to empower technicians to perform with confidence and get new services up and running. Our modular, multi-function tools help reduce the number of items that need to be carried. Instruments and agents integrated with mobile devices and workflow efficiency platforms can simplify and shorten testing, cutting overall costs.

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