Optimizing VoLTE QoE and Cost

VIAVI’s VoLTE solutions deliver end-to-end service visibility that allow them to optimize and differentiate QoE.

Test Now for Better Service Later

VoLTE brings substantial benefits to both service providers and their subscribers, but as a low-latency, real-time, point-to-point service with guaranteed bandwidth end-to-end, there are many challenges imposed on the network, including:

  • End-to-end service quality in real-time
  • IMS call-control correlation with the user plane
  • Handoffs to 2G/3G/WiFi networks

To maximize the customer experience, service providers need to manage all stages of service delivery. Providers need to command a price premium and improve industry competitiveness at the lowest total cost and footprint in order to improve overall profitability. To deliver on the exceptional quality of VoLTE, they must robustly test the service before deployment, emulating real-world environments. VIAVI’s CapacityAdvisor allows the emulation of thousands of VoLTE devices with configurable call-arrival rates and hold times while SART (Signaling Analyzer Real Time) and PacketInsight deliver interoperability and voice quality testing.

End-to-End Visibility

The VIAVI VoLTE service assurance solution enables optimal QoE. Operators can use the solution to quickly analyze voice quality, RAN metrics mapped to the location, and IMS negotiation parameters. Operators can also maximize customer experience once VoLTE is operational by correlating the control plane and user plane in real-time, providing real-time KPIs, and engage geolocated intelligence to pinpoint service-affecting issues. VoLTE handovers back to legacy 2G and 3G networks can also be analyzed.

The backhaul is covered by the EtherASSURE product which ensures that differentiated services code point (DSCP) bits are handled properly, and prioritizes VoLTE traffic on the transport network. VIAVI’s xSIGHT solution KPIs provide highly granular insight into the VoLTE service, including pre-call registration with the IMS, call set-up performance, in-call audio quality, and mobility events such as cell or eNodeB transitions and CSFB or SRVCC handoffs. This approach of metric-guided, proactive monitoring delivers insightful VoLTE-specific information on a network-wide basis, in real-time.

Get insight into the performance of VoLTE calls in the RAN with VIAVI’s ariesoGEO location intelligence solution. The patterns of poor experience events such as dropped and blocked calls with VoLTE is very different than those for traditional voice calls. Specific optimization is required to ensure that premium customers do not have a negative experience with this flagship feature. VIAVI’s VoLTE service-assurance solution provides clear insight into exactly where issues impacting QoS and QoE are arising and lets operators focus engineering resources directly on those areas.

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