Customer Experience

Better Visibility for Higher QoE

With over 700 million fixed-broadband subscriptions and billions of mobile devices in use globally, wireline service providers need near-omniscient insight into customer experience metrics to ensure consistent quality of experience for their subscribers.

Overcome Challenges

Subscriber demand for improved high-speed Internet and business Ethernet is growing exponentially. And increasing number of  premium on-demand services also adds to the challenge. At the same time, intense competition and market complexities created by the expectation of constant connectivity puts a squeeze on profits, as companies struggle to meet and exceed service-level agreements (SLAs).

Optimize Growth

VIAVI solutions help ensure higher QoE by detecting problems before end-users are affected by them. With clear visibility-- from the physical to the application layer and from the subscriber access point to the core--VIAVI delivers precise intelligence so providers can:

  • Reduce trouble tickets by dispatching the right technician to the right place, at the right time
  • Pilot new product offerings and shorten the time to mass adoption with accurate insight into customer behavior and service quality
  • Correlate end-user QoE with other data sources to optimize video and broadband services without having to put probes everywhere
  • Save on recurring probe expenses, even while services grow exponentially
  • Cut meantime-to-resolution with clear visibility into subscriber impact and the prioritization of critical issues

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