Proactive End-to-End Management

Service providers face new challenges in assuring, monitoring, managing, and testing newly virtualized services and equipment.

Ensuring the Value of NFV

End-users care most about performance and service quality rather than how their services are delivered. Therefore, when designing and deploying virtualized architectures, network operators must ensure that the quality and performance of the newly-deployed virtual environment is comparable to the legacy environment. If quality and performance degrades, the value of NFV and other advanced technologies are called into question.

In the virtualized environment, assurance solutions and processes must evolve from reactive monitoring and troubleshooting. VIAVI solutions let you take a proactive approach that includes real-time intelligence and analytics across the network and services, to  consistently ensure high-quality service regardless of delivery method. VIAVI test solutions, which are themselves virtualized, help to enable scalability and increased the speed of test deployment. The result is faster fault resolution, reduction of truck rolls in troubleshoot situations, and a better overall customer experience.


A Single-Vendor Solution

The VIAVI virtualization solution delivers end-to-end visibility into newly virtualized functions through a unique SDN/NFV toolset for field-service activation. With a single-vendor solution, providers receive expert guidance to reduce overhead and reduce interoperability risks common with multi-vendor projects. Service providers reap the benefits of a proactive monitoring solution that ensures virtualized functions perform at acceptable levels to maintain high QoE.

VIAVI aligns with customers to manage the entire network, not just pieces of it, creating a cost savings and faster ROI. This single-vendor solution reduces cost-of-ownership and post-purchase fix/patch expenses, while providing service providers with customized, consistent, real-time statistics from throughout the network. Feeding real-time analytics systems with highly granular, high-resolution performance information, the VIAVI virtualization solution facilitates a proactive performance approach that detects anomalies before end-users for more effective customer experience management.

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