Mobile World Live Webinar: Learn the Key to Successful 5G Deployments

Thursday, December 6, 2018

With the promise of 5G—including higher data speeds and new services—comes major challenges for operators in terms of network quality, reliability, and availability.

Mission critical applications will demand a network which cannot fail, and ensuring network quality will be at the core of deployment and management. Whether it is the fiber infrastructure, the next generation fronthaul, or the new radio (NR) air interface with mmWave and complex active beam forming antennas, network quality will depend on the rigor of test and measurement during the complete lifecycle.

In this video webinar recorded in the MWL studios in London, we discussed the key field tests required for a successful 5G NR deployment, and how to easily ensure that all physical interfaces, including fiber, coax, and RF, are properly tested when deploying, managing, and maintaining 5G services.