Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing and Monitoring

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Time: 11 am ET / 8 am PST / 3 pm GMT

Transition to a Fiber Rich Network Series #2 - Webinar #5

This is the final webinar in the Transition to a Fiber-Rich Network webinar series. Join us to learn how new technology allows you to identify strain on your cables that can cause premature aging or breakage.  Classic OTDR is blind to this information but now you can see Strain or Temperature information using Brillouin-OTDR or temperature using Raman-OTDR.

Please join VIAVI fiber experts at our webinar for a discussion of how fiber sensing can harden your fiber plant at installation.  DFOS can be used to protect valuable fiber and electrical infrastructure to reduce cost and improve the risk of management of these plants using real world examples.

Register today to attend and learn about:

  • Intro to how fiber sensing works
  • Measurement options: portable field use cases vs. permanent monitoring 
  • Use cases for installation of subterranean, aerial and submarine cable
  • Sensing for strain on cables in service to protect cables carrying live traffic 
  • Electrical cable hot spot detection 

Find additional resources about Fiber Optic Sensing here.

Make sure to mark your calendars and register for all the webinars in this series. Webinar recordings will be available after each session.  

For more information, please contact your VIAVI account team. We look forward to seeing you at the webinars.