Learn How Test Process Automation Yield Accelerates Your Test Workflow, and Network Insights

May 13, 2020

UK 2:00 PM (BST) | Europe 3:00 PM (CEST) |  USA 6:00 AM  (PDT)/ 9:00 AM (EDT

Please join VIAVI Solutions test experts, Stephanie Burris and Mike Proctor,  Product Line Managers for VIAVI Mobile Test Process Automation Suite.  This suite of tools includes cloud test management, mobile and instrument apps for test process set up and capture, and reporting analytics.  We will share examples of how to implement procedures to streamline your test workflow, produce data that can reveal process short comings, and target network issues to drive cost, time, and frustrating errors out of test.   Banish the most common, avoidable network errors through automated, actionable reporting. 
View today to learn about:

  • What is test process automation and why should I care?  
    • Shorten test cycles and accelerate workflow
    • Reduce repeats
    • Information to help manage projects, staff procedures and the network
  • Process element 1:  Test set up and workorder management to the technician
  • Process element 2:  Test execution
  • Process element 3:  Test collection from the tech or contractor 
  • Process element 4:  Test data management and actionable reporting
  • Next Steps and Planning Your ROI