Testing LTE Network Performance for New Service Requirements

Jueves, Abril 2, 2015


Five years after the launch of the world’s first commercial LTE network, mobile operators are having to change the way they test and measure LTE backhaul performance. Today, in order to save opex, operators are carrying a mix of LTE, 3G and 2G traffic on the same network. Performance and availability targets in this backhaul are increasingly vulnerable to falling short due to bursts, including micro-bursts, of data traffic. To complicate matters further, VoLTE and some real-time LTE video services now have very specific latency requirements which, if they’re not met, will result in a poor end-user experience.

As user expectations – as well as the challenge of meeting them – both mount, mobile operators need to review the way that the performance of the LTE network is tested and measured. The traditional way that backhaul links are first activated and then monitored needs to be reviewed in the light of these new challenges. Attend this webinar and learn why conventional backhaul testing standards and techniques are still necessary – but are no longer sufficient on their own.