Wireshark Week: Network Security Forensics

Lunes, Noviembre 16, 2015

It’s Wireshark Week at VIAVI Solutions and we’re chumming the waters with our freshest troubleshooting strategies and jaw-dropping hacks, especially for Wireshark users.

With network teams increasingly involved in all aspects of security from threat prevention to breach investigation and remediation, understanding how to read the packets for security is critical. Let forensics investigators and packet analysis experts show you how to effectively work with security teams on threat prevention, investigations, and cleanup efforts.

Learn To:

  • Proactively identify anomalous network behavior
  • Recognize an attack
  • Assess damage post-attack
  • Reconstruct breaches
  • Ensure successful remediation

If you use Wireshark and would like to resolve issues faster, sign up for this unique webinar series today. Registration is first come, first served and session attendance is limited.