Back to the Future with Observer

Where were you when…?

Where was your organization when you initially implemented the Observer GigaStor solution? We bet your network looked quite different than it does today, and it will inevitably look different in the future.

Increasing application complexity, escalating traffic volumes, cloud deployments, and technologies like SD-WAN makes comprehensive performance monitoring and security investigations harder than ever.

With more data comes more visibility challenges. How can teams keep up?

To keep up with the challenge of ever-increasing network speeds, user traffic and content, resulting in tidal waves of data to analyze, VIAVI is proud to introduce the latest version of Observer, backed by the horsepower of the new GigaStor Gen 4. Confirmed by Tolly Research Group at 60 Gbps capture rates, GigaStor Gen 4 provides IT teams the most comprehensive, trust-worthy data source on the market for end-user experience monitoring and security analysis.

Learn more about Observer v18 and Gen 4.

No End in Sight for Growing Traffic Volumes

No End in Sight for Growing Traffic Volumes

Source: Cisco Systems 2019

Your IT traffic loads have probably experienced similar increases with more expected going forward. This has real-world implications for visibility into performance and possible security threats.

Networks Have Changed, and So Have We

Since your Observer GigaStor Gen2 purchase several years ago VIAVI has made a ton of improvements.

Save on Space

Efficiency in the data center is critical – get more computing punch within a smaller footprint, improved power efficiency, and future expandability without a forklift upgrade.

With greater storage power in less than ½ the space organizations can save thousands in operational costs. According to Gartner* a tier 3 data center cost per rack is nearly $100,000.

*Cappuccio, David Estimating Requirements and Costs of Data Center Build Projects. : Gartner, 2018. Print. G00304831

See Farther, Longer

Network speeds and bandwidth utilization have a direct impact on the amount of network traffic recording time you can access for visibility and troubleshooting. Today’s Observer can provide over a petabyte of storage capacity ensuring no matter the network speeds or saturation – you have the data you need – all within a significantly smaller footprint.

The Need for Speed

In order to satisfy the demands of today’s users, organizations must future-proof their networks.

GigaStor Gen 4 has been validated by Tolly Research Group to capture traffic at more than 60 Gbps – the fastest independently validated rate available in the market. With a more than 50% performance improvement, your organization benefits are numerous. Compared with other solutions that can drop packets or restrict filtering that can create monitoring blind spots, Observer delivers the power and capacity to exceed IT business expectations via comprehensive network visibility into performance issues and security threats.

Tolly Research Group

Observer is the only packet capture solution to be 3rd party verified to capture at over 60 Gbps without dropping a single packet.
Download the Tolly Report to see our test results

Observer GigaStor and More

Available in a variety of capacities, interface speeds, and form-factors to address your unique business needs today’s GigaStor offers even more distinct advantages over your current appliances:

  • Enhanced support and services options including qualifying onsite support (vs ship-in) reducing outage windows, eliminating un-racking and re-racking efforts and costs

  • AES-256 data-at-rest encryption protects sensitive customer information and ensures regulatory data privacy compliance

  • Integrated Observer portfolio offerings:
    • Observer Apex aggregates wire data into easily consumable information such as end-user experience scoring with instant awareness into the health of every transaction.
    • Observer GigaFlow intelligently stitches traditional flow, SNMP, user identity, and session syslog data into an enriched flow record. This isn’t “traditional” flow, this is leveraging your network infrastructure as a comprehensive monitoring fabric.

For a limited time* we are offering up to a 40% discount to bring you up to speed, and prepare you for future growth.

Contact your account manager for additional program details.

*Offer valid until June 19, 2020. In order to qualify for this promotion discount, the product owner is required to decommission and responsibly dispose of old equipment within sixty days.