Need for Speed - Get Ready for New Technologies

Martes, Octubre 15, 2019

The Path to a Fiber-Rich Future Webinar Series: Part 3

Time: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PDT 

This webinar will focus on upcoming high-speed deployments and how you can increase your knowledge and skill set around new high-speed technologies, like 400GE, applicable to core networking, data center interconnect, and mobility transport, including 5G.

You'll hear from VIAVI experts on these key topics:

  • New High-Speed interface types and standardization
  • Pluggable optics form factor evolution
  • New technical items influencing 400GE Testing
  • PAM4 & Forward Error Correction - 400GE Interface types
  • IEEE and industry Multi-Source Agreements
  • The push toward 100G/lambda on client interfaces
  • The other ‘new’ rates: 200GE, Next Gen 100GE

The Path to a Fiber-Rich Future webinar series

Whether your focus is cable, fiber, wireless or mobile/5G, VIAVI has solutions and tools to get you ready for this transition.  Each of the webinars below target network vulnerabilities and demonstrate how proper testing procedures can help you eliminate problems quickly and efficiently. Learn from the VIAVI experts as they share best practices and lessons learned from specific deployment use cases.