CleanBlastPRO Software

Release Date:

  • March 2022

Current Version:

  • 1.2

Versions Description:

  • Firmware update for CleanBlastPRO

Download Instructions:

  • Connect a FAT-32 formatted USB-C drive to your PC.
  • Go to and download the .exe file for the CleanBlastPRO Firmware USB Flash Drive Creator.
  • Navigate to where the file is saved and run the program, which will copy the needed files to the USB-C drive.

Installation Instructions:

With CleanBlastPRO powered OFF, connect USB-C drive containing new firmware to CleanBlastPRO. Press and hold the dial button on the front of the unit and then power ON the CleanBlastPRO. Follow the prompts to install the firmware. Detailed instructions for downloading and installing the firmware are available in the CleanBlastPRO User Guide.

Licensing Requirements:

  • None


  • None.

Supporting Documentation:

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