Network Security Forensics

Identify and Remediate Security Breaches with Post-Event Assurance

Network security forensics provides post-event assurance for enterprise networks by capturing and storing all network traffic for security investigations.

Safeguard Critical Company Assets with Network Security Forensics

Recent high-profile network attacks have underscored the need for more robust network security strategies, specifically an effective network forensics solution. The average successful network security breach can take months to detect and if you haven’t been capturing traffic, you won’t always know the entry method or the extent of the damage.

The Observer Platform helps ensure that every packet is captured and available for post-event network security investigations. Network breaches and compromised resources can be quickly identified by replaying traffic and applying extensive analytics to the packets. Possessing network security forensics capabilities can mean the difference between missing the breach entirely and effectively identifying a hacker.

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    Enterprises dedicate 50x more budget to prevention than investigation, but is it working?

Top Network Security Forensics Strategies Leave No Packet Behind

To defend multiple access points while maintaining convenience for lawful users, data protection must be multifaceted. Along with firewalls, IDS, and DLP, effective security solutions must include network security forensics capabilities, especially for APTs and other malware that have already breached the perimeter.

Network teams that have leveraged this capability as part of their network performance monitoring tools can partner with network security teams to close the loop, providing critical packet-level network forensics data.

With the Observer Platform from VIAVI Solutions enterprise teams can:

  • Capture packet-level data ensuring they miss nothing in the investigation of a network security breach or network event
  • Set baselines and alerts to ID anomalous traffic in real-time or back-in-time with easy-to-use interfaces built on sophisticated analysis algorithms
  • Quickly understand key network security attack details, how it was perpetrated, exploits used, and which systems or intellectual property were compromised
  • Use web-based trace extraction to integrate with complementary third-party real-time security tools for fast network security forensic investigations

Network Forensics – The Backstop to Your Security Efforts

Firewalls, anti-virus software, IDS and DLP systems are necessary but no longer sufficient to achieve the most robust protection or obtain detailed evidence necessary for complete resolution and documentation of cyberattacks and IT breaches. Network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) solutions act like a 24/7 security camera by storing network traffic for extended periods of time for network forensics and post-event analysis.

Captured packet data allows teams to reconstruct all the traffic on the network up to and after a network security event to gain context. For enterprise networks and data centers, long-term packet capture and analysis can provide an important network security forensics backstop and can enable network administrators and security personnel to efficiently detect and root out network intrusions, malware, and other unauthorized activities within the IT infrastructure.

Packet Visibility for Security and Network Operations with Network Security Forensics

Packet-based network monitoring tools are typically used by network operations teams for network performance monitoring and troubleshooting of applications and services. But their usefulness in network security forensics analysis and response workflows points to an opportunity for increased collaboration between network operations and security teams.

VIAVI’s 2017 State of the Network Study reveals this cross-functional partnership with 88 percent of enterprise network teams assisting in security investigations. EMA research has further revealed that the barriers between IT operations and security operations have started to dissolve. Twenty-six percent of enterprises manage IT operations and security operations within the same group and with tightly aligned processes and workflows. Another 52 percent of enterprises manage IT operations and security operations separately but maintain tightly aligned processes and workflows.

Many network operations teams are aware of the value their packet monitoring tools can offer to their network security forensics counterparts, and they are responding to the mandate for packet visibility in security operations.

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