Garantía orquestada para una prestación confiable de servicios críticos en redes 5G segmentadas

Martes, Junio 7, 2016


Orchestrated network control and emerging 5G specifications enable end-to-end network slices for delivery of services. These network slices enable separation of network services to enable isolation for service quality and security.

This webinar presents the benefits of using orchestration for network provisioning and assurance to ensure the network slices deliver the services to the required quality levels and with optimal resource utilization.

This webinar will:

  • Describe the role and benefits of end-to-end network slices in 5G network architectures
  • Illustrate how policy, orchestration, and network control are used in the provision of network slices
  • Explain how policy can be used to validate the performance of network slices and how it can be used to control service monitoring
  • Describe the findings from the recent TMForum Catalyst project addressing assurance in 5G sliced networks
  • Outline areas for future work in 5G network assurance

We will explore a variety of key concepts and benefits for 5G sliced networks and the role of orchestration and assurance in the delivery of critical services.

This technology builds on key foundations of virtualized networks using Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Network (SDN).