Color Design Services

Color is your silent salesperson—used correctly, it dramatically increases sales and builds strong branding. In choosing colors for your applications, the guidance of a professional color expert is critically important. Your color selections must be based on pragmatic and proven data that comes from extensive experience and knowledge rather than subjective and purely aesthetic views. To help you use color effectively, VIAVI OSP Custom Color Solutions offers a comprehensive range of professional color services.

Color Design Studio

A visit to our Color Design Studio in Santa Rosa, California, significantly reduces the lead-time and costs of developing new and eye-catching color effects. The facility is a highly creative environment that encourages imagination and innovation while simultaneously providing outstanding technical resources.

Professional Color Trend Forecasting

Every year, VIAVI OSP color professionals produce a trend palette of “colors to watch.” This color forecasting, based on extensive experience and research balanced by intuition, helps designers worldwide guide color choices so that new products reflect current styles when they hit the market. The accompanying multimedia presentation highlights our findings, showing the influences and themes shaping tomorrow’s color stylings.

Consultative and Exclusive Color Concept Design

Consultation with our color professionals, either in your facility or at our Color Design Studio, can significantly speed the development of new and exciting visual effects. Our extensive color library contains over 4000 different color swatches in a wide range of hues and chromas. We can also create custom, exclusive color concepts to meet your individual requirements.

Prototyping and Product Optimization

The VIAVI OSP Product Application Laboratory and the Color Design Studio work together to let designers quickly see the colors and visual effects they have envisioned. From creating sample colors to prototyping actual products, this team approach enables fast, realistic evaluations essential to efficient product development. In some cases, the team can deliver sample colors in as little as one day.

To arrange for a visit to the Color Design Studio to collaborate with our color professionals, contact VIAVI.


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