Xgig 10 Gigabit Ethernet Delay Emulator

The Delay Emulator simplifies test setup and configuration and provides developers with a suite of powerful yet flexible capabilities to accurately emulate a variety of real world operating conditions.

The Xgig 10 GbE Delay Emulator simplifies and accelerates the testing and verification of a wide range of delay-based transmissions issues, including propagation delay, packet stream delay due to the multipath routing of protocols, queue delay, delay jitter, and packet/frame reordering arising from fabric processing delay errors. Built upon the extensive development, testing, and engineering experience of VIAVI, the Delay Emulator offers its industry-leading capabilities in an easy-to-use tool.


  • Physical Distance Delay Generation
  • Queue-based Delay
  • Delay Jitter Control
  • Packet/Frame Reordering
  • Simple and Cost-effective Installation


  • Stress test network connections over a wide range of emulated distances for applications such as collocated data center storage, remote backup, and disaster recovery
  • Significantly reduce test costs and complexity by eliminating spools of fiber used to introduce distance between network nodes
  • Accurately measure the impact of latency jitter on Ethernet and distributed application performance and reliability
  • Verify congestion management performance as well as system error recovery and link failover from conditions such as out-of-order packet delivery and session timeouts
  • Dynamically adjust connection distance/delay to optimize system software and hardware configurations
  • Test performance degradation over satellite and very long distance communication links

Key Features

  • Dynamic delay control from 30 μs to 1.5 s (6 to 300,000 km of emulated fiber) with 10 ns delay resolution
  • Supports up to 8 different delay profiles with two-level triggering
  • Multiple delay modes, including fixed, incremental, random, and jitter-based (deterministic and random)
  • Frame reordering up to 8 packets/frames
  • Fully integrated with the Xgig Analyzer, Jammer, and Load Tester

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