DWDM in Access Networks

Septiembre 17, 2019

The Path to a Fiber-Rich Future Webinar Series: Part 1

Time: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PDT 

Whether it’s for new commercial services, 5G Xhaul or a Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) in support of Remote Phy (RPHY), the demand for bandwidth is driving service providers to invest in their fiber networks. As fiber pushes deeper and deeper into the network, technologies that were primarily used in the Core and Metro are now also migrating to the Access. Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) is one of those technologies originating in the core in the early 2000’s, then migrating to the Metro about a decade later and now entering the Access Network. It provides a way to add multiple virtual lanes to an existing fiber thus increasing the amount of data that can be transmitted over it as well as wavelength routing for distribution.

While DWDM provides a cost-effective, scalable solution for delivering services, the procedures and test equipment are very different than other fiber-based technologies.

In this webinar we will provide an overview of DWDM, discuss the various stages of deployment and test solutions to ensure success.

Highlights will include:

  • Review DWDM and its components
  • Implement the best practices for installing and maintaining DWDM networks
  • Learn how to overcome common testing challenges associated with DWDM networks
  • Understand the testing tools required for DWDM installation and maintenance

The Path to a Fiber-Rich Future webinar series

Whether your focus is cable, fiber, wireless or mobile/5G, VIAVI has solutions and tools to get you ready for this transition.  Each of the webinars below target network vulnerabilities and demonstrate how proper testing procedures can help you eliminate problems quickly and efficiently. Learn from the VIAVI experts as they share best practices and lessons learned from specific deployment use cases.