In the enterprise, IT service delivery is critical to business success. At VIAVI, leading test and certification tools combine with Observer performance intelligence for end-to-end service visibility and awareness.

  • Get Ready to Go LIVE

    VIAVI ObserverLIVE delivers SaaS-based cloud visibility and monitoring in real time.

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  • The Enterprise Protocol Poster is Back

    Get a visual guide to key protocols across the OSI model - from physical media to applications.

  • Wireshark Week at VIAVI

    Enjoy a full week of webinars designed just for Wireshark users

  • New Car Smell and the Art of Fiber Maintenance

    It’s more of an art than a science when it comes to maintaining fiber networks, and while science can be learned, art must be practiced.

  • Network Outlaws

    How packets, syslogs, and NetFlow can help keep out the data rustlers and clear your name in court

    Clear Your Name

  • FiberChek Sidewinder

    Análisis e inspección automatizados de conectores multifibra


  • Better with VIAVI

    Download our latest report to learn why Enterprise Test & Certification is Better with VIAVI

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