VanillaPlus NFV Roundtable - Part 3: NFV and SDN

Septembre 17, 2015


Although SDN and NFV are now widely understood to be separate technologies that are complementary to and enhance each other, the pace of deployment for each technology are not necessarily aligned in typical chicken-and-egg fashion. Depending on the strategy and the type of service provider involved, NFV can be the chicken that enables SDN’s egg, or vice versa.

This roundtable will explore the ways in which these technologies compliment and enhance each other. It will also examine the following areas in greater depth:

  • How SDN and NFV deployed in mobile networks can enable better orchestration and dynamic provisioning.
  • How service-chain provisioning makes it easier to create applications in CSP and enterprise networks.
  • To what extent a new network management model is required because of the provisioning and orchestration processes introduced by NFV.
  • Whether NFV and SDN technologies are ready for CSPs. Are they reliable enough for CSPs to trust them to run their operations?