Assuring Performance for Remote Users

Mardi, Mai 22, 2018

An IT Alter Ego Series Webinar

Reduce the perceived space between yourself and remote users by increasing network visibility and effectively assessing performance.

  • Duration: 60 Minutes | Two Convenient Times: 10:00am CT or 1:00pm CT

Remote users move in different orbits but when something goes wrong, how can you see across the miles to troubleshoot their network or application problems effectively? Since teleportation isn’t an option, VIAVI has the next best thing.
The new IT Alter Ego Webinar series includes Assuring Performance for Remote Users. Learn how to engage the skills of your own IT “alter ego” to:
  • Assess user experience on remote and external networks
  • Effectively capture packets and key metrics at the edge and inferring user experience
  • Evaluate end-to-end performance from the core network to remote users
  • Implement visibility and root-cause analysis strategies for branch offices

Unleash your inner superpowers with time-saving troubleshooting and network monitoring strategies every other month with the new Alter Ego webinar series. See past and future webinars in the series here.