Cut Fiber Test and Certification Times in Half

Mai 8, 2019

Learn reasons to go beyond basic fiber test by including OTDR testing, what the benefits are of doing this bi-directionally, the kind of issues it can find, and critically, how the implementation of bi-directional test in the equipment itself, coupled with the level of automation and workflow, can dramatically reduce test and report generation times. 

Regardless of network, whether it’s a highspeed core or 5G, PON, Telco, HFC access network it’s a tough balancing act to weigh the time needed to certify fiber during deployment/construction versus the risk of poor or delayed service turn-up or early life service failures. Today’s service providers require comprehensive fiber certification to ensure that service delivery is reliable, quick and efficient. And contractors don’t want extra site visits for retesting because that takes money out of their own pockets.

Learn more about Fiber Testing and OTDR Testing.

The VIAVI team conducted two multi-part series of informative webinars created to support your continued transition to a fiber-rich network. You can now catch up on these informative webinar series created by the fiber experts at VIAVI via on-demand recordings. The sessions cover individual topics and do not need to be watched chronologically.  Click here for a complete list of webinars in both series.

Transition to a Fiber-Rich Network Webinar Series #2 

For more information, please contact your VIAVI account team. We look forward to seeing you at the webinars.