Introducing Observer 3D

Today, as IT collectively migrates to the cloud and remote work has become commonplace, customers are facing new network observability challenges. What’s lacking is the ability to see inside the cloud hosted or hybrid environments, hindering the ability to optimize operations or to identify and resolve issues. With the introduction of the Observer 3D, VIAVI delivers an integrated platform that addresses this challenge and helps you proactively adapt to the ever- changing IT landscape, Observer 3D gives you a flexible, adaptable platform to address whatever level of observability is required, wherever you need it.

What’s new with Observer 3D? First, it builds on our delivery of full fidelity wire data capture – a claim that is independently tested and verified. More recently patented end-user experience scoring was added. Powered by machine learning-driven algorithms that consider over 30 network KPIs for faster, more accurate issue identification that leads to better prioritization and faster issue resolutions. As systems have grown and increased in complexity, VIAVI went beyond basic flow data to deliver enriched and enhanced flow, stitching together user to MAC to IP relationships with easy-to-access, intuitive visualizations.

Observer 3D helps with:

Location of Services

Observer 3D provides observability in every hosting environment, whether private cloud, public cloud, SaaS applications, remote users, on premise in branch offices or in the data center. No matter the location, VIAVI has you covered. To learn more about how Observer 3D leverages predictive analytics to proactively deliver visibility into performance issues, visit the interactive platform below:

Data Sources

With Observer 3D, choose between a combination of wire data, flow visibility, active test insights, and metadata generation to enable smooth, timely resolution of performance and threat issues. Automated, role-based workflows make it easy to dive down into the network data for forensic level analysis, regardless of the type of data or source.

Nitro Insights Powered by Observer

Scale of Deployments

Start small and grow as your needs business and monitoring operational demands change. Whether that means flexibility in deployment with our 24T or ObserverONE solutions, or flexibility in pricing with our new tiered pricing and subscription models—VIAVI has you covered. Buy what you need when you need it using OpEx or CapEx budget, allowing you to balance your observability and budgetary needs without compromise.

Observer - Scale of Deployment