xSIGHT Session Trace Application

The xSIGHT Session Trace Application provides industry-recognized transaction tracing and decoding troubleshooting functionality much faster and at a lower cost than traditional solutions.

The xSIGHT Session Trace Application is a key component of the xSIGHT CEA solution delivering a new mobile assurance paradigm “Customer Experience Assurance”, enabling a real and relevant improvement in customer experience while maximizing CSP productivity and profitability.


  • Increased revenues, lower customer churn, and increased operational productivity via:
  • Faster problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Lower solution costs (both CapEx and OpEx) for same troubleshooting analysis


  • Troubleshooting of mobile or wireline network performance, service performance and customer experience problems

Key Features

  • Auto identification of all related protocol transactions for a single call or session
  • Flexible search criteria to quickly identify and retrieve required call or session data
  • xDRs and traces are only built as required
  • Color coding highlights potential issues
  • Auto launch from xSIGHT CEA application

Learn more:

  • Mobile Analytics


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