Network Collective

Understand Network Performance from the User’s Perspective

Networks are better than ever – so why do users still complain? Technology has evolved; 100G is a reality, cloud enables fast spin-up/down of services. So why are help desk queues full of users complaining that the network is slow, their email is down, or conference calls sound robotic? Yet you have hundreds of metrics and measurements of network performance…so what gives?

The truth is, you might be spending time fixing things that your business (and users) don’t care about, or aren’t being impacted by.

ObserverLIVE CDX
ObserverLIVE Applications
ObserverLIVE Network Quality

Take a new approach to network performance monitoring – by looking at data from the user’s perspective. Tap into proactive insight for key services and applications through synthetic testing, or leverage intelligent end-user experience scoring with workflows for any transaction. Get to the correct issue domain and root cause resolution faster than ever before.

  • Start troubleshooting and drilling into the root cause immediately
  • No more wasted hours investigating red-herring issues
  • Prioritize real problems affecting users and business operations

"Technicians can find problems without looking directly for them. That’s a huge win. This is not looking for a needle in a haystack. This is turning on an extremely powerful magnet and letting the needle come to you."
Jonathan Davis - It Must be the Network...

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