Uniting Market Leaders - Aeroflex is now a part of VIAVI Solutions

In March 2018, VIAVI acquired the Cobham AvComm and Wireless test and measurement business units. These business units were previously part of Aeroflex and continued to use the Aeroflex name and logo under Cobham. VIAVI will continue to use the Aeroflex name and brand mark as well, until March 2020, at which time all acquired business units will simply be known by VIAVI only.

During the transition, between now and March 2020, customers may continue to see the Aeroflex name and brand mark on products, images, and other assets. While you may see varied brand marks and labels on products and documentation during the changeover, we want to assure you that you are receiving the latest, up-to-date materials and information.

Formerly Aeroflex