Automating Test Workflow to Accelerate Jobs

4月 23, 2019

First webinar in the new Transition to a Fiber-Rich Network webinar series to learn how to design an efficient test workflow procedure to drive team efficiency, accuracy and consistency. An efficient, cloud-based test workflow process can save your team significant time and help them integrate contractors to their workforce while enabling consistent test procedures and reporting to eliminate test rework. We will discuss how to accomplish this using VIAVI StrataSync and mobile apps.  

VIAVI test experts will lead a discussion on how cloud-based tools coupled with mobile devices can accelerate your workflow.

The VIAVI team conducted two multi-part series of informative webinars created to support your continued transition to a fiber-rich network. You can now catch up on these informative webinar series created by the fiber experts at VIAVI via on-demand recordings. The sessions cover individual topics and do not need to be watched chronologically.  Click here for a complete list of webinars in both series.

Transition to a Fiber-Rich Network Webinar Series #2 

For more information, please contact your VIAVI account team. We look forward to seeing you at the webinars.