The VIAVI Radio Manager is a platform run-time monitoring tool to install and control applications. In addition, it provides visualization capabilities to analyze software component deployment strategies. The VIAVI Radio Manager is an essential tool for debugging and testing.

In real-time, the VIAVI Radio Manager introspects the SCA platform and reports the status of the devices and resources, refreshing the block diagram when needed. A new waveform being added, a device failing, a connection broken – all will be shown giving invaluable information to the integrators and testers to reduce debugging time.

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Installing and Controlling Applications

Built into the VIAVI Radio Manager is an application installer used to upload the required application artifacts onto the platform. Once done, the VIAVI Radio Manager can instantiate the application, start, configure and stop it, and finally terminate and remove the application. The VIAVI Radio Manager provides a generic property browser that which can render every type of SCA property, and can change values dynamically or in batch mode.

Extended Introspection

The VIAVI Radio Manager provides two different views for displaying the deployed software components. The hierarchical view uses a tree-like structure, where each node represents a deployed component. The block diagram view uses a block for each deployed component. When connected to the VIAVI SCARI-GT Core Framework, the VIAVI Radio Manager can even show which components have been deployed onto other components and graphically displays how components have been inter-connected.

Specialized HCIs

The VIAVI Radio Manager allows the system integrator to launch its own specialized Human Control Interface (HCI) to control the application. This becomes particularly interesting when specific APIs are required to control the radio. Using VIAVI SCA Architect, an SCA application can be packaged with a specialized HCI that will be installed with the application on the target SCA platform. After instantiation of the application, the VIAVI Radio Manager searches for the existence of the specialized HCI, downloads it, and launches it.

Debugging Features

The VIAVI Radio Manager is a very useful tool to test the performance of the platform and applications. It offers full control over the deployed components. It can therefore be used to modify the values of the application parameters when testing the application under different conditions; it can shut down a complete node while applications are running to analyze how the platform reacts in specific scenarios.


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