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TB2000 inspection probe test button not testing.

火曜日, 12月 31, 2019
作成者:ryan.grace 作成日:7月 8, 2021 - 1:47午後
When I press the test button on the Viavi P5000i inspection probe it does not provide the zone pass/fail information. I still just see an image and it appears to be frozen when I use the probe on my MTS/TB2000.
There is a SETUP parameter, on the MTS/TB2000, that controls the function of the test button on the P5000i. Go to SETUP and click on Analysis. Three is a field called capture button that can be set to freeze or freeze and test. To test it must be set for Freeze and Test. If you have no such setting under analysis then check the name on the body of the probe. It is most likely a P5000 and not a P5000i. The P5000 cannot test on its own and you must press TEST on the screen instead.