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WIFI Advisor How to upgrade software?

火曜日, 12月 31, 2019
作成者:ryan.grace 作成日:10月 23, 2021 - 6:45午後
How do you upgrade the software on WIFI Advisor (WFED) units?
Software on the WIFI Advisor is updating by establishing the bluetooth connection from the unit to the WIFI Advisor IPAD application and then going to Device Management. The device management screen will show the Current version available at the top and each WIFI Advisor will have its currently installed version displayed on its line entry. On the right hand side of the device entry is an icon of a WFED with an arrow pointing down. Press on that icon and you will be prompted with a popup window to confirm the upgrade.  A % status of the download is shown in the upper right hand corner of the device management screen while the download is in progress. Typical download time is just a few minutes. It is normal that other units that are connected will be disconnected during the upgrade process.  The units will reconnect automatically after the upgrade completes.

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