Service Assurance

Core Service Assurance

Subscriber-centric app-aware insights for intelligence, assurance, and optimization with NITRO Mobile

Addressing mobile service provider visibility challenges with an innovative subscriber-centric approach that delivers insights for business intelligence and proactive service assurance

Service Assurance

The advent of 5G, the evolution to virtualization, network automation, massive traffic increases, IoT, ongoing pressures to reduce CapEx and OpEx while increasing service velocity and revenue growth – these are just some of the challenges mobile service providers are facing throughout the complex service life cycle.

Consumers are demanding mobile services that are always on, always available, and connected to everything. In response, operators are building ultra-dense, massively-scalable, virtualized, and automated networks that can deliver dynamic, low latency and high bandwidth services – today and in the future. These large complex networks are difficult to test and challenging to assure.

Operators also face a lack of effective data to leverage the monetization opportunity of truly understanding the utilization of distinct services by disparate subscriber groups at different locations in order to make informed decisions on improving existing, or launching new services to achieve the business objective of driving new revenue streams.

VIAVI NITRO Mobile addresses these challenges head-on. Built on NITRO, the industry’s first real-time intelligence platform, the NITRO Mobile solution captures, locates, and analyzes all mobile events across RAN and core, providing unprecedented detail for optimizing the customer experience as well as network performance. As operators evolve from LTE to 5G, NITRO Mobile has the scale and virtualized architecture to meet ever-growing data capacity demands while supporting optimization and analytics for third-party applications to drive new revenue streams.

By providing proactive context-driven workflows, NITRO Mobile also increases the automation of managing your mobile network. Through feeding real-time data from hardware and/or software agents into a single presentation layer, NITRO Mobile, together with the scalability of the virtualized platform, helps reduce complexity and increase automation necessary to confidently manage the evolution to 5G.


The xSIGHT CEA Application enables the industry’s most effective assurance workflows via the real-time correlation of customer experience to the underlying network and service performance.
The xSIGHT Session Trace Application provides industry-recognized transaction tracing and decoding troubleshooting functionality much faster and at a lower cost than traditional solutions.
 xSIGHT Traffic Analysis Agent
Traffic Analysis Agents deliver Control and User Plane metrics in real-time via the xSIGHT Mediation component to xSIGHT or third-party monitoring apps.
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xSIGHT Traffic Storage Agents deliver Control and User Plane metrics in real-time to monitoring applications, plus store KPIs and Control Plane traffic for troubleshooting applications.