Trilithic リーケージ

VIAVI のリーケージツールで HFC ネットワークを強化してください。サービス上の問題を解消できます。

屋内向けの革新的な圧力テストから屋外プラント向けの GPS ドライブのテストシステムまで、VIAVI はあらゆるリーケージニーズに対する優れたソリューションを提供しています。業界をリードする Trilithic リーケージポートフォリオは、VIAVI OneExpert メーターと XPERTrak の統合によりさらに充実したものになっています。

Additional resources available on the Signal Leakage page.


エンジニアの(DSP または ONX)信号レベルメーターを使って漏れを検出しながら、このキットを利用して同軸ケーブルのホームネットワークを強化できます。
Seeker D with MCA III is a GPS-based leakage management and CATV leak detection system with a dual-band leakage detector capable of monitoring leakage within the aeronautical band or the near-LTE band in a complete digital system.
LAW, coupled with Seeker GPS, provide a leakage management system that enables operators to find and fix leaks quickly.
The Seeker HL In-Home Leakage Evaluation System is a low-cost digital leakage solution that includes a dual-frequency tagged signal source, with a selectable output level and a discriminating leakage receiver that is designed to be extremely sensitive to leakage in both the Aeronautical and LTE Frequency Bands.
The CT-4 is a Digital Channel Tagger that is used as a system with the Seeker D Digital Leakage Detector to detect leaks in the Aeronautical and LTE frequency bands and eliminate all 'false alarm' triggers by providing proprietary dual CW carriers at two locations.
The Seeker D Lite is a dual-mode and dual-frequency in-home leakage detector that accurately monitors leakage in all digital systems or in mixed digital and analog systems. The Seeker D Lite works with both the CT-4 Channel Tagger in the headend or the Seeker D Lite Source Transmitter in the field.
Frequency agile leakage detector (120 - 147.25 MHz) with ten user selectable presets features Searcher Plus GT technology that is compatible with CT-2 or CT-3 channel tagging techniques, a measurement range from 10 - 2000 uV/m, as well as numeric readout, and tone proportional to signal strength.
Seeker with MCA III is a GPS-based leakage management and CATV leak detection system for documentation and troubleshooting.