Observer Platform Cuts Learning Curve with 17.4 Release

Robust network performance monitoring suite boosts troubleshooting intelligence with geolocation and user-experience scoring, making packet-level analytics available to the masses.

For years, complicated interfaces and time-consuming processing have made packet-based network performance analytics out of reach for all but the most savvy troubleshooting experts on the network team. VIAVI, with this latest release, eliminates the often-daunting learning curve of many packet-based tool sets.

Building on its “three steps to solve” predefined workflows, Observer Apex introduces end-user experience scoring, dual workflows, and geolocation to drive major efficiency gains, allowing any network team member from the help desk analyst to the senior network engineer access to problem scope and root cause.

Observer 17.4 Key Features:

End-User Experience Scoring

Understanding user experience is now as simple as looking at a single numeric score displayed in green, yellow, or red to indicate the severity of the impact. The user experience score is based on hundreds of computations, and isolates problems to the network, application, server, or client domain with easy-to-understand problem statements, taking the guesswork and manual sleuthing out of performance management.

Site Performance

Geolocation capabilities provide awareness of IT service health whether at the regional, country, city, or data center levels, with granularity to individual groups such as service, user, or business areas. Users can easily define these parameters to the individual subnet and VLAN to gain intelligence within or between these defined breakouts.

Enhanced Search

Enhanced search functionality streamlines and simplifies search for pattern matches to identify abnormal traffic for security and performance investigations. The expanded search menu facilitates the quick locating of all examples of unusual traffic, which can then be easily exported via web interface for storage, documentation, and forensic investigations.

Enhanced Search

To review a complete listing of all new features and enhancements, and upgrading instructions, visit our Observer Platform 17.4 support page.