Introducing VIAVI Observer v18

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Big changes for Improved Network Monitoring

Time:  8 am PT | 10 am CT | 11 am ET  | 4 pm BST | 5 pm CST

Leading the market in meeting the needs of organizations today and into the future, the Observer Platform continues to evolve in our latest V18 release.  Please join VIAVI and our special guest, Kevin Tolly, to learn what’s new and how it can help you and your team with the mission-critical efforts to monitor and maintain network performance and integrity. 

You are invited to learn why network performance management is all about the data you collect and what you do with it:

  • Enhanced User Experience Scoring – How we keep it ‘real’ and relevant
  • Increased Data Forensic Quality – Security is everyone’s business and Observer delivers the best capture rates for comprehensive network visibility into performance issues and security threats—you can’t fix the anomaly if your monitoring solution does not see it
  • Decreased Operating Costs – Money matters.  Observer offers space savings, lower power consumption and fast metadata that drives more action and less analysis
  • Improved Observer Apex visualization and dashboard reporting   

Know your options and how you can benefit from VIAVI Observer Platform.