Application-Centric Ethernet Testing

вторник, февраля 24, 2009


The fundamental goal of Ethernet service turn-up is to provide customers with expected service quality levels, but service providers must also verify network performance when they receive customer complaints that the network is causing applications to run slowly.

While network-centric turn-up verifies the L2/L3 components of the carrier service level agreement (SLA), it does not guarantee customer satisfaction. Customer applications can perform poorly even over carrier networks that have been tested for proper L2/L3 performance.

To further ensure that customer applications perform satisfactorily, service providers must also conduct application-centric turn-up testing to qualify their networks. Application-centric turn-up testing not only helps eliminate improper carrier network configuration issues, it helps the carrier defend the network's performance and also provide customers with recommendations for possible enterprise equipment issues.

This webinar presents:

  • An overview of network-centric turn-up (today's traditional L2/L3 turn-up process)
  • A review of the enhanced turn-up process (adding an application-centric test suite)
  • An introduction to application-centric turn-up