High-Speed Technology: 100 G & Beyond

вторник, января 12, 2016

Date / Time: Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 1:00 PM EST


This webinar focuses on high-speed technology as it relates to 100 G client ports, or standardized interconnectivity points, rather than line/WDM-type ports. We will review 100 GE interfaces, including transport types, shorter reach requirements for data centers and form factor evolution, as well as high-speed pluggable optics based on multi-lane technology, which drives the need for more advanced troubleshooting procedures. As a result, best practices must cover Ethernet service activation as well as optics performance troubleshooting. Ideally, the optical transport network (OTN) is suited to higher line-rate transport technology; therefore, we will propose techniques to cover the rising need for OTN service activation based on increased OTN interface deployment as a handoff at customer premises or across operators.