A Life-Cycle View on Optimizing Advanced Cellular Networks for Capacity and Coverage

вторник, марта 8, 2016

Date/Time: Wednesday, March 8, 2016, 1:00 pm EST


LTE has become the dominant cell technology in many countries. As operators focus on building networks that can handle rich content, the need to improve capacity and coverage has forced network architecture to evolve. This evolution has created new techniques to deal with interference:

  • Enhanced intercell interference coordination (eICIC) mitigates interference by coordinating the transmissions of multiple cells
  • Coordinated multipoint (CoMP) techniques handle issues at the cell edge where the signal is weaker and where interference from neighboring cells is more prevalent

For these new techniques to work properly and fully optimize the coverage and capacity of the network, cells must use stringent frequency, phase, and time synchronization. Join VIAVI Solutions for this webinar to gain new insight on:

  • The most commonly deployed timing and synchronization architectures
  • Simple and quick checks that can be performed when provisioning new cells
  • Troubleshooting field timing and synchronization issues that are robbing your network of capacity and coverage

Who Should Attend:

Mobile service providers, network equipment manufacturers, and contractors who are interested in LTE cell-site testing.