Test Process Automation (TPA)

The ever-growing ecosystem of connected applications and business- and mission-critical objectives has accelerated the rate of change for telecommunications technology. This technology transformation has made telecom networks more complex to deploy, operate and manage. For service providers (SP), finding the right resources, tools and management solutions is the key to scaling their evolving networks - whether cable, fiber, or wireless. The same can be said for network equipment manufacturers (NEM) and the army of contractors that help them deploy, launch, and maintain networks. In an ideal world, all installations are flawless, and construction and commissioning is plug-and-play, with no need to test any of the network components or the cables that connect them. However, in the real world, we routinely encounter:

  • Components that are defective or damaged during the installation process
  • Installers that lack adequate training and/or experience
  • Pressure to meet unrealistic daily quotas, which induces human errors or drives teams to take shortcuts or, in some cases, skip testing altogether
  • Overwhelmingly complex deployment processes that are nearly impossible to execute flawlessly

When these challenges arise, they can and do negatively impact network quality as well as:

  • OPEX and profitability
  • Time to market for new services, which also impacts revenue
  • Quality of Service, causing poor customer experience and retention

The way for SPs, NEMs and Contractors to overcome network quality and time-to-market issues is with efficient automated testing, validation, and optimization. Scale and growth of the telecom network demands test processes to be automated and streamlined.

VIAVI has been working closely with the industry leaders to develop increasingly automated test solutions that help:

  • Service providers launch and maintain their networks with ease
  • Contractors to get paid fast
  • NEMs to achieve acceptance the first time

Test process automation (TPA) is integral to VIAVI DNA - where each instrument and system is designed to optimize technician workflows. While the extent of the automation may vary across VIAVI offerings, at our core we strive to offer solutions that allow novice technicians to deliver expert-level test results and close projects on the first try, every time. The goals of the VIAVI Test Process Automation initiative are to help our customers:

  1. Reduce manual test processes and data entry - minimizing human error and increasing the scale of network deployment
  2. Consistently execute testing processes, delivering quality results every time
  3. Provide objective evidence of proper job completion with a closed-loop test process
  4. Reduce training needs with easy to use instruments featuring clear, simple pass and fail indicators
  5. Reduce training needs and repeat trips with guided test processes and availability of remote expert help
  6. Speed revenue cycles with real-time results and automatic report generation
  7. Efficiently manage inventory and software versions
  8. Align field technicians with team leads and customers to speed acceptance and get paid faster

Business Value

Increase speed and scale of network deployments network

Decrease operational expense of workforce

Increase customer retention/acquisition

VIAVI Test Process Automation Benefits

Consistent results across broad skill range of technicians (direct/in-direct workforces)

Less costs and time training, on-boarding, and certifying technicians

Less rework and repeat dispatches

Less costs, time, and manpower in consolidating test reports

How VIAVI TPA Delivers

Intelligent one-key tests that speed test process and reduce expertise needed - auto pass/fail

Create and deploy your test procedures quickly to all staff and contractors with consistency

Job Manager that provides a common guided test process for each job and tech

Fast, automated reporting on field test results

Instrument Check Test

Instrument Check Test

  • One-button tests
  • Sequence of expert measurements / tests encapsulated as a single test operation
  • Minimizes training and field errors

Job Manager

Job Manager

  • Associates tests to specific workorder
  • Sequence of individual test tasks grouped together in a single job
  • Can coordinate tasks and results across instruments
  • Instrument UI displays step-by-step task instructions, progress and results

Mobile Tech

Mobile Tech

  • Mobile App-IOS
    and Android
  • Auto syncs jobs and results to / from the instrument
  • App to App sharing
  • Enriches instrument test results
    • Geolocation data
    • Multimedia attachments (pictures, signature capture)



  • Centralized management
    • Organize and push configurations to instrument
    • Auto collection and organization of test results
  • KPI dashboards
  • Analytics
  • Back office integration of test process / data