Xgig® 5P16 Analyzer/Jammer Platform for PCI Express® 5.0

Provides 16 lane full-speed data capture and error injection, enabling detailed functional and performance analysis of PCIe 5.0 protocol

Xgig 16-lane Analyzer/Jammer Platform for PCI Express 5.0

The VIAVI Solutions Xgig 5P16 platform allows simultaneous protocol analysis (A) and jamming (J) for PCIe 5th generation protocol traffic at all layers of the stack. It supports link speeds to 32 GT/s and widths up-to 16-lanes.

The latest addition to the family of VIAVI protocol test products, it is fully compatible with other PCIe data rates of 2.5, 5.0, 8.0 and 16GTps. In today’s complex, multiprotocol environments where integrated analysis with other interfaces such as Ethernet, SAS, and FC are required, the Xgig 5P16 connects with other VIAVI protocol analyzers designed for these protocols to provide time correlated multiprotocol views.

Please contact your local VIAVI representative for details or find more product options on our PCIe Test Equipment page.


  • 32GTps, PCIe 5.0 data rate operation
  • Fully compatible with previous PCIe generations at 2.5G, 5.0G, 8G and 16GTps
  • Link widths to 16-lanes, including 1-, 2-, 4-, and 8-lanes 
  • 256GB memory (128GB upstream and 128GB downstream) 
  • Memory segmentation for capture of multiple traces 
  • Host-Client connection for remote debugging using Ethernet or local debugging using USB 
  • SMB capture and trigger for NVMe Management Interface (NVMe-MI) observability 
  • Simultaneously Analyze and Jam on a single chassis
  • The Auxiliary ports allow AJ-A configuration Jamming
  • Decodes all PCIe and NVMe traffic at all layers of the stack including the TLP, DLLP, and PHY layer logic sub-blocks
  • Flexible trigger events include training sequences, ordered sets, queue pairs, PRPs, SGL, SMB, etc.
  • Cascade captures from up to four Xgig chassis into a single trace view
  • Full support of PCI Express LTSSM analysis
  • Field replaceable modular fan and power supply
  • LED’s give quick indicators of power and status
  • Works with the VIAVI Xgig software tool suite: Trace Control, Trace View, Expert
  • Supported by a wide variety of interposers (CEM, U.3, etc.)


  • Automatically scan data traces for thousands of possible PCIe protocol error types
  • Significantly reduces product debug and validation time for faster time-to-market
  • Automated tuning of RX/TX characteristics simplifies setup and insures accurate data capture
  • Extensive configurability via software enables optimization for specific test requirements
  • Helps to reduce product development costs


  • ASIC debug and validation
  • PCIe add-in card testing
  • BIOS, driver and application tuning
  • System validation and performance tuning
  • Debug of interoperability and related issues

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