Most business common implications ONT

How will my measurements be affected if the product is out of calibration?

The ONT is capable of measuring packet delays and jitter from fractions of a nanosecond to seconds and it can precisely set lane timing and phase to fractions of a PPM. To ensure this performance on this and other measurements it is important to have your ONT verified and calibrated by VIAVI. Applications that measure over 10 orders of magnitude rely on stable and precise timing, stable sources and low noise clocks and VIAVI approved processes ensure this accuracy can be delivered by your ONT. 

What are the most common implications of these issues to the business?

  • Uncalibrated tools produce unreliable measurement results that can't be certified to specifications and may violate product agreements or ISO/TL9000 standards with your customers and their network equipment vendors.

  • Design errors resulting from inaccurate measurements can result in ongoing issues throughout the product lifecycle including poor yields, inaccurate optical budgets, increased return rates  and customer expectation mismatch
  • Production costs can be elevated by increased re-work, reduced yield and inconsistencies between measurements.

Common Business impacts include:

  • Quality audit failures.
  • Lost revenue, customer complaints and increased costs.
  • For end customers, repeat product quality issues with vendors often cause added cost, customer dissatisfaction and loss of business.