The Asia Pacific region is set to become the world's largest 5G region by 2025.

As a fiber contractor in the APAC region, what can you do to prepare yourself for this opportunity?

As the leaders in 5G and fiber technology, VIAVI Solutions can provide all sources of information you need to be the leader in your field. We publish blogs, podcast, trending tech news, edutainment quiz, and videos about 5G and fiber technology that can help you to be 5G and fiber-ready. VIAVI's umbrella of interactive tools, testing capabilities, and solutions will help you to thrive, no matter the industry or region that you're working at.

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  • SUTD 1st Global OTIC Summit - 24 Aug 2023 | SUTD, Singapore
  • Cloud and Data Centre - Sydney 14 Sep 2023 | Sydney, Australia
  • Submarine Networks World - 27-29 Sep 2023 | Suntec Convention, Singapore
  • MRO ASIA - 27-28 Sep 2023 - Changi Expo, Singapore
  • The Transformational Impact of 5G Seminar - 10 Oct 2023 | ITE Simei, Singapore
  • India Mobile Congress - 29 Oct 2023 | Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India 

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Tech Tips

The best way to see if 16 QAM modulations are working efficiently is to test the DCI connection.

Testing will identify if the full transmission capacity is not being achieved, and even pinpoint the problem so that it can be resolved in the least amount of time.

Even before production traffic is sent down a new link, the connection should be stress-tested with simulated traffic in order to identify faults. If a fault is identified, testing can help locate and troubleshoot the issue so traffic can be restored.

Learn more by reading this Application Note on Getting the Most Out of 16 QAM

For more information about FiberChek Probe Microscope.

In this Tech Tips, we will give you a short tutorial on how to configure the FiberChek Pro digital inspection scope for WiFi and for the FiberChek Pro software.

For more information about FiberChek Probe Microscope.

Active optical cables (AOC) and direct attach copper (DAC) cables pose a problem for contractors working in data centers because the connectors are permanently attached. This makes it impossible to access the fiber in an AOC and the copper in a DAC cable, which rules out traditional testers for certification.

The fact that most testers won't work has contractors asking if the cables should be tested at all. The short answer is YES. Both types of the cable must be tested before and after installation.

Read the full Tech Tip on How to Test and Certify AOC/DAC Cables for Data Centers