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Воспользуйтесь «Поиском партнеров», авторизованных продавцов, партнеров по сдаче в наем, а также партнеров по внедрению систем.

No partners are available with the current selection. Please choose if you would like to buy or rent a product, request service and choose a product category.

Learn the differences between our partner types and tiers.

  • Партнер Velocity Solutions

    There are three tiers of Velocity Solution Partners based each company's own unique combination of capabilities, services, regional coverage, and portfolio expertise.

    Here is more information about the Velocity Solution Partners to help select a partner that best meets your goals:

    • Elite

      Elite Solution Partners consistently demonstrate the highest levels of achievement, and proven expertise with across a broad spectrum of VIAVI product lines including our more complex solutions. Elite Solution Partners provide advanced technical and commercial insights to ensure you get the right solution to meet your needs. Elite partners are typically staffed and trained to work with the broadest range of VIAVI product lines. In some regions, Elite Solution Partners also manage first-level post-sales user support. This can include an ability to address basic product usage questions and proficiency managing in-warranty and out-of-warranty equipment returns for VIAVI repair.

    • Premier

      Premier Solution Partners show a higher level of commitment and focus to VIAVI product lines. Premier Solution Partners can help you select the right products and often times provide very technical product advice. In some regions, Premier Solution Partners can help address basic product usage questions and proficiency managing in-warranty and out-of-warranty equipment returns for VIAVI repair.

    • Authorized

      Authorized Solution Partners meet a minimum standard for capability, investment and proficiency with a subset of VIAVI product lines. Authorized Solution Partners can advise you on the right products to meet your needs.

  • Velocity Master Distributor

    A distributor is contractually granted the right to sell VIAVI products to end-users through various resellers. They contract directly with resellers to provide value-added services including: managing pre-sales work, processing orders for VIAVI products and providing technical support.

  • Авторизованный партнер по сервису

    A company that has been cleared to work on a VIAVI product for repair and calibration that is still under warranty.

  • независимый реселлер

    A reseller buys VIAVI products from a Master Distributor and sells directly to the end-user.

  • Представители фирм-изготовителей

    A company that sells, markets and services customers on behalf of VIAVI. Manufacturing Representatives don’t take title of the product.

  • Партнер по аренде
    A company that buys equipment from VIAVI, then rents or leases it to customers for specified amounts of time.