Essential Fiber Testing

Fiber Optic Test Equipment for Enterprise Networks

Experience fiber optic testers that achieve industry standards and promote ease-of-use.

Fiber Optic Testing Tools for Every Technician

VIAVI’s essential fiber testing tools lead the industry in helping technicians ensure best practices for handling fiber in every situation, from certifying new fiber installations to troubleshooting active fiber networks. Through technology innovation and extensive experience in fiber testing, our solutions equip technicians and network managers to ensure the performance of their fiber optic networks with fast and intuitive fiber testers that are essential for every technician. Learn more about fiber inspection.

Essential Fiber Testing:

  • Our industry leading fiber optic inspection scopes provide handheld solutions with all the necessary capabilities that fiber technicians need for today’s fiber testing and inspection requirements; including live image viewing, auto-center, auto-focus, PASS/FAIL analysis, and storing/recalling/sharing results.
  • Innovative optical power meters that eliminate common hassles when measuring optical power, giving technicians a fast, compact and safe solution for optical power measurement.
  • Our free mobile app makes it even easier to perform essential fiber testing by allowing technicians to inspect fiber end-face quality, measure optical power, and certify fiber connectors to industry standards right on their mobile device.
  • Efficient and economical visual fault locator for fiber tracing, fiber routing, and fiber continuity checking in an optical network during and after installation.

Inspect Before You Connect

Inspect Before You ConnectBest Practices for Fiber Testers

Contaminated connectors are the #1 cause for troubleshooting in fiber optic networks. While standards bodies have established acceptance criteria for the quality and cleanliness of fiber connector end faces, technicians still face challenges with implementing these practices. Without the right fiber testing tools, maintaining these standards or specifications is difficult and time consuming.

A single particle mated into the core of a fiber can cause significant back reflection, insertion loss and even equipment damage. Learn more about our “INSPECT BEFORE YOU CONNECT” process to ensure fiber end faces are clean prior to mating connectors in our fiber certification white paper. Also learn more about testing MPO.

Explore all of our industry leading fiber optic testing tools below.

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