End-User Quality of Experience Testing with RFC 6349 TrueSpeed VNF - Part 3

二月 12, 2015


​ ​​Relentlessly increasing network traffic combined with steadily raising end-user expectations regarding service quality are creating an avalanche of customer complaints about poor network performance. Left unaddressed, these complaints put communications service providers at risk of poor customer satisfaction and increased customer churn. The inherent complexity of measuring customer experience quality end to end across service providers’ TCP/IP-based networks often leads to confusion, frustration, and a lot of finger-pointing.

This three-part webinar series illustrates how communications service providers can resolve customer complaints about poor network performance faster with TrueSpeed, the VIAVI implementation of RFC 6349—the industry standard for measuring TCP throughput.

  • Part 1, featuring Sue Rudd from Strategy Analytics, describes how changes in the mobile access network and the advent of network function virtualization (NFV) demand new techniques for end-to-end monitoring and service assurance with new Layer 4 testing approaches. Michael Bangert from VIAVI introduces TrueSpeed VNF, the first virtual solution for RFC 6349 testing, and describes how it meets these requirements.
  • Part 2 dives deeply into the RFC 6349 test methodology and presents several use cases and trouble scenarios where TrueSpeed testing removes confusion and helps to resolve customer complaints using both virtualized TrueSpeed VNF and physical T-BERD®/MTS instruments.
  • Part 3 investigates an advanced TCP testing scenario emphasizing cases where traffic shaping and traffic policing interact and sometime cause a very poor end-user experience.

Register for all three sessions​ to join VIAVI representatives and Sue Rudd to learn how to efficiently resolve customers’ network performance complaints. Each webinar includes a live demonstration.