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DSAM Screen appears rotated

星期一, 三月 22, 2021
ryan.grace 在 七月 8, 2021 - 11:45上午 提交
DSAM Screen appears rotated 180 degrees
Display rotated causes:
  • Probably the unit is on an old FW version and it needs to be upgraded
  • Once it is upgraded to the latest FW you have to setup the screen using the following procedure:
    • Go to CONFIGURE section, then GENERAL, and then CHOOSE A UTILITY
    • Now you should have a selection for "rotate LCD". Select that option and reboot the unit. Screen should be now on the correct position. 
NOTE: If the option is not available on the "Chose a Utility" menu, unit is faulty and needs repair. Alfredo Fierro EMEA TAC

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