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40G Ceritfier Copper Test Failures

星期二, 十二月 31, 2019
ryan.grace 在 七月 8, 2021 - 4:41下午 提交
My copper tests keep failing on my Certifier 40G. What can I do to troubleshoot?
First make sure the correct limit is selected for the type of copper cabling that you are testing. Second make sure a proper reference was performed and if necessary re-reference the units. Check all connections at panel and jack fields. Wire should only be untwisted just enough to perform the termination and no more. Use the fault locator graph, on the cable test results, to identify the distance to the worst result which is most likely a connection of some type and re-terminate. If permanent link testing, check the probe count under the SYSTEM SETTINGS>SETTINGS 2DEVICE INFO. Viavi recommends that permanent link adapter cords be replaced after 5000 tests.

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